I apologies to the few readers of our blog for the hiatus. We've been busy, busy doing the best thing possible aka partying (July 4th mentalness). Let me be the first to admit that I am mediocre at most things in life but having fun and partying are something I am very good at it. If I could make a living listening to music and partying that would be ideal. So besides getting a 300$ noise violation ticket and lease violation for dropping "heavy bass" what else happened. Well I think I got a few more of my friends hooked to non-mainstream electronic music. Everybody's musical taste evolve overtime, 7-8 years ago my go to choice of EDM was Beatport top 10, while there is absolutely nothing wrong with listening to pop-EDM overtime my tastes have got more refined. Deep house is my go to music now. Its relaxing, chill but still has that bass which keeps you bouncing. If I have to single out one artist who I have been listening to excessively that would have to be Hot Since 82.

 Knee Deep In Louise, besides being the naughtiest track name ever, it is also has the sickest bass line. This is the kind of music which grows on you, with every listen its more enjoyable. You begin to enjoy and anticipate the small intricacies in the track. The only thing I demand when you listen to such tunes is headphones/speakers with a punch.